Our Sustainable Purpose

Our intentions at Singoli are transparent and clear – just like our supply chains. We intend to lead the way, by making sustainable garment choice more affordable and ‘cool’ by encouraging businesses, schools, clubs and the public to work with us in partnership to revolutionise a market that is adding to the 300,000 tonnes of landfill pollution that can last for hundreds of years, and polluting our waters with micro-plastics from plastic-based yarns, such as nylon, polyester, lycra and acrylic.

Rather than add to the over 300,000 tonnes of UK landfill waste provided by clothing every year, Singoli want our customers to ‘demand’ a more sustainable future by purchasing sustainably-sourced garments more responsibly and encouraging recycling and a ‘circular’, rather than waste-laden ‘linear’ economy.

We have a five year-old, so starting from our children up in school uniforms and fashion embroidery, Singoli aim is to show that sustainable and organic/recycled garments are both highly fashionable and hard wearingly soft to the touch. These garments are only a fraction more expensive than fast fashion garments, and don’t cost the earth.

The launch of our sustainable school uniforms marks a shift in the direction for the company as we continue to lead the way to sustainable fashion as a completely sustainable provider of organic or recycled garments within the next 12 months.

For more information, contact Singoli at info@singoli.co.uk